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Understanding Spine Surgery (patient information)
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  • New Technologies
  • Minimally Invasive Microdiscectomy "surgery through a tube", outpatient procedures to certain disk herniation or stenoses
    iO-Flex (enahncing or improving laminectomies for stenosis....improved enlargement of neural foramen [where nerves exit the spine en route to the leg]) intra-op photo

    Artificial Cervical Disks (total disk arthroplasties) (maintains motion at a cervical disk level to hopefuly reduce chances of adjacent level disease)

    Prodisc-C from Synthes and
    Prestige from Medtronic/Sofamor Danek)
    AxiaLIF (a complete anterior and posterior fusion fixation of L5-S1 with <24 hr hospital stay and potentially much earlier return to "Life")
    X-Stop (outpatient resolution of stenosis OR support of levels with disk disease hoping to avoid future fusion or further degeneration)
    Mosaic Cervical  Spacer/Plate (synthetic place/spacer combination for cervical fusions.  "Invisible" on X-ray, allows adjacent levels to be fused without removing the original level)
    Neo SL plate ultra slim, exceptionally thin plate for minimal hardware but maximal cervical fixation

    Kinetic Cervical plate allows subsidence of the graft without harmful screw migration)

    Zero Profile Cervical plates allows treatment of a cervical levels without having to remove an existing plate or screws while having not protruding beyond the front surface of the spine Prevail ,Coalition

    Octave (by LifeSpine, Inc),Aspen ISP (interspinous process fusion and fixation without the need for pedicle screws "less hardware") see image #1
    CD Horizon Spire
    ALIF (anterior lumbar interbody fusion)...for pathology better treated anteriorly, usually without the need for posterior fixation Magnum ZUMA    Synfix-LR

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    Forsyth Medical Center


    Shorter Hospital Stays...
                                              ...Quicker Recoveries

    Bone Substitutues "Orthobiologics"

    However, we now use other "man-made" alternatives which avoid having to make an incision to harvest your own bone or avoids using tissue from another human (cadaver tissue). By using "man-made" substrates we avoid the extra pain and blood loss from harvesting your own tissue and avoid any risk whatsoever of AIDs or hepatitis or other disease that could be transmitted in tissue from other humans. Examples of the "man-made" substrates include...

    Calcium products (Vitoss, Mozaik, Mastergraft,....)

    Bone morphogenetic proteins (InFuse, OP-1)



    Mark A. Lyerly, MD
    Board Certified
    Diplomate of American Board of Neurological Surgery


    Cabarrus Memorial Hospital (now NorthEastern Medical Center)


    Rowan County


    UNC Chapel Hill 1981-83

    Medical School

    Duke 1984-88 MD Degree

    Pulls for..

    The TarHeels , Wake Forest, Duke and any other NC School


    NC Baptist Hospital 1988-89


    NC Baptist Hospital 1989-94


    Founded Rowan Neurosurgical Associates July 1994-2004 (Rowan County's 1st Neurosurgical coverage)
    Migrated Office to Winston-Salem in 8/04, opening "Neurosurgical Solutions, PA" in 2004

    Jeff Martin, PA-C joined the practice in early 2007

    Board Certification

    November 1998 (1st opportunity)


    Honorary Chairman of the NRSS Physicians' Advisory Board
    Professional Affiliations AANS (Am. Assoc. of Neurological Surgeons)

    NC Medical Society
    Local County Medical Society
    Southern Medical Association

    Hospital Positions

    Active Staff...
       Forsyth Medical Center (Winston-Salem)
       Medical Park Hospital (Winston-Salem)

    2003 Department of Surgery Chairman Rowan Regional Medical Center
    Vice-Chairman : Dept. of Surgery (2002) Chairman Rowan Regional Medical Center
    Past Chairman of Critical Care

    Spinal cord Stimulation
    Understanding Spine Surgery
    St. Jude Medical (formerly ANS)

    Advanced Bionics

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